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ASH hosts regular educational webinars for public health advocates to learn from each other and strengthen our tobacco control work.
One Webinar Attendee said:
“You’re doing wonderful work and everyone truly does benefit from the training opportunities ASH provides, so thank you so much for all that you do and continue doing! I truly hope one day we can have a smoke-free CA, and eventually everywhere.”
– Kalei Lehua (she/they), Tobacco Project Health Navigator at the LGBTQ Center, Orange County
A selection of our webinars are posted below.
Who Needs to Quit Tobacco: Retailers

PowerPoint Slides: Retailers Need to Quit Tobacco

Who Needs to Quit Tobacco: The Planet

PowerPoint Slides: The Planet Needs to Quit Tobacco

Who Needs to Quit Tobacco: Tobacco Industry
Who Needs to Quit Tobacco: the State

PowerPoint Slides: The State Needs to Quit Tobacco

Evidence for the Endgame by upEnd
Prohibition no, Abolition yes: Rethinking how we talk about ending the tobacco epidemic by upEnd
How to Use the PESO Model

PowerPoint Slides: How to use the PESO Model

Endgame Policy: Tobacco-Free Generation
Building Relationships with California Tribes and Cultural Nuances of Tribal Communities
The Economic Impact of Tobacco Use by Wendy Max
TECC Training: Demystifying Facebook

PowerPoint Slides: Demystifying Facebook by TECC

The Hype Around TikTok and How to Use It as a Communication Tool
WHO FCTC Article 2.1: The Overlooked Article’s Impact on Endgame
Practical Applications of Human Rights to Tobacco Control
Smoking and Tobacco Products Micro-Influencer Focus Group Results Report

Recordings from all previous webinars are available to watch here.

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Tobacco Endgame Matters Podcast

Action on Smoking & Health

TEM is about identifying how we can achieve and plan for a tobacco-free California using policy and people power. In each episode, TEM hosts will engage subject matter experts to discuss niche topics within tobacco control and highlight California-specific progress and the opportunities they offer advocates. Hosted by Saoimanu Sope & Carol Maytum.

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