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Today, we’re at @UCSF’s annual tobacco symposium, “Tobacco. It’s about a billion lives worldwide,” looking forward to hearing from fellow experts and planning for the year ahead.

#PhaseOutCigs #TobaccoViolation
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Ending the tobacco epidemic is a team effort, and we’re proud to have been working together with our current ASH team for a decade and as an organization for more than 55 years.

Each year, our impact grows.

Visit to see our progress last year.
Today, @LungAssociation released the State of Tobacco Control 2023, highlighting proven policies to prevent and reduce tobacco use.
ASH welcomes Dr. Carolyn Dresler to our Board of Trustees.

Her historic assertion - the tobacco industry violates human rights every day by marketing & selling products they know will addict & kill - provides the foundation for ASH’s policy strategies.
"Conclusion: A tobacco endgame strategy, especially denicotinisation, could deliver large health benefits and dramatically reduce health inequities between Māori and non-Māori in Aotearoa/New Zealand."
"Despite the lost revenue, the decline in smoking is expected to be a net benefit to the state overall, resulting in better health for the state’s population and lower Medicaid costs, according to Ari Brown, a senior researcher w/ #Wisconsin Policy Forum."

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Tobacco Endgame Matters Podcast

Action on Smoking & Health

TEM is about identifying how we can achieve and plan for a tobacco-free California using policy and people power. In each episode, TEM hosts will engage subject matter experts to discuss niche topics within tobacco control and highlight California-specific progress and the opportunities they offer advocates. Hosted by Saoimanu Sope & Carol Maytum.

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